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Returns and Refunds

1. “ I never received my glasses”

If you have ordered sunglasses or glasses from Ashfield Eyecare and they do not arrive (within a reasonable period of time) then we will send a replacement pair to you after we have check with Australia Post and validate that they did not arrive.

2. “ They were broken when they arrived”

All the great brands that we stock at Ashfield Eyecare are covered by a 12 months manufacturer guarantee. Even though we take great care to package your sunglasses or glasses carefully, things do get broken. With this in mind if your sunglasses or glasses arrive and they are damaged in any way, then return them to us and we will send you a replacement pair. We will then credit you back the cost of your postage to us.

3. “ Oh dear, that’s not what I was expecting?”

If you buy a pair of sunglasses or glasses from us and they are not what you were expecting, due to size, shape or colour, then we will exchange them for another pair or refund your money once we receive the original pair back in good order.

Should you have any questions about our delivery methods or returns policies, then feel free to call us on 9798 9100 or send us an email to info@ashfieldeyecare.com.au.